All icons from MCIcon are free for personal or commercial use.

The creator of each Icon holds the copyright to their work. You get a perpetual, non-exclusive, worldwide right to use each icon you download as many times as you wish and in any medium. You may use each downloaded item in one or more End Products as a part of a single Design Project; provided, however, that you must provide attribution on all End Products.

How to attribute it?

In order to use an icon you must attribute it to its author:


Insert the attribution on the page where the icon is shown. This can be placed next to the image or on the footer of the website.

Printed products:

Paste this attribution on the final work so the authorship is known (for instance, in the acknowledgements chapter of a book).


Place the attribution on the credits/description page of the application.

Social Networks:

Insert the attribution “Designed by MCIcon from” on the text description of the image

Content from may be used:

“Print Use” means use of Content on any print materials, including brochures, catalogs, flyers, direct mail, company stationery, business cards, print templates, print advertising, signage, etc.

“Merchandise Use” means use of Content on items of merchandise, which are defined as items to be sold or promotional items to be distributed at no cost by an individual, a company or an organization. Examples of these items include but are not limited to textiles, artwork, magnets, wall art, calendars, toys, stationery, greeting cards, mugs, hats, t-shirts and any other physical reproduction for sale or distribution, provided that such merchandise incorporates material creative or functional elements apart from the Content.

“Digital Use” means use of Content in any digital materials, including on social media (such as Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, and Pinterest), on blogs and other online publications, in web templates, in marketing, promotional and sales emails, and in software, apps and video games.

“Production Use” means use of Content in TV shows, commercials, films, and online video.

The following uses are prohibited:

You may not use any Content in a way that would allow claims of deceptive advertising or unfair competition.